The Robert Glasper Experiment: ArtScience

Midway through ArtScience’s Trane-inflected album opener “This Is Not Fear”,  and just as I was beginning to wonder whether or not Jazz’s current flame-keeper had finally given into his baser instincts and gone off the hard bop deep-end (a prospect which I wouldn’t totally hate) the voice of Mr. Glasper can be heard musing, “My people have given the world so many styles of music, so why should I just confine myself to one? We want to explore them all.” In the 11 and a half tracks that follow, Glasper and the Experiment set out to do just that. Early electronica, 90s R&B, jazz fusion, prog-rock, hip-hop, straight jazz, and Thundercat-esque future funk are the most apparent influences on this album, which while not exactly mind-blowing, is a thoroughly enjoyable sonic document of a talented and versatile band, still in search of a voice.

The verdict: Worth a listen.


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